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Right from the start, this article is about photography. It’s what we, the consumer, rely on when it comes to fashion. We trust the skills of photographers to capture the best aspects of the moment, and make us feel like we’re there if we’re not. Pictures tell a story of the moment, but what about the person behind the camera?

He is the Ghanian and Lebanese 28 year old photographer, who’s taking Miami and New York by storm, one shoot at a time. He’s none other than Adolphus Amissah.

Adolphus Amissah is a photographer who resides in Miami Florida, and has travels all over the world.  Although Adolphus is new on the scene, He produces captivating, and iconic photographs, that would make the most seasoned fashion professional pause for reflection.

Adolphus is a self-taught photographer, spending many days researching the tools and executing the photography techniques necessary to improve not only his craft, but his eye. He briefly mentored under Sydney Paul, a photographer, whose majority of work was done in the beauty industry. Adolphus uses a variety of cameras to capture a shoot, from medium formats to Canon cameras, capturing stills, and his efforts show in his photos.

Adolphus is a natural talent; he’s had the opportunity to work with some top agencies in the modeling world. He’s worked with Ford, Next, Q Models, and Elite just to name a few. Adulphus is worldly in many aspects, and tries to find styles that will broaden his horizons. The bulk of his portfolio was created in one year, about 100 plus photo shoots, so his range is limitless. He does pay careful attention to details, but he’s not a purist. Sometimes he will take notes at a shoot on lighting conditions, so that he can recreate interesting styles in lighting. Taking pride in your work creates quality, so Adolphus hires the best talent in makeup, wardrobe, and hair to make his shoots come alive.

After reviewing his work, I feel he is definitely someone who respects beauty in its natural form. I saw a lot of models photos in neutral make up with flattering angles, and the lighting made the models have a sort of an “angelic glow”. Adolphus is a skater punk, who has a love for Hip Hop and Rock & Roll music. It’s no wonder he loves being a photographer, and states, “If it were up to me, all I would ever do is shoot.” He also believes people should test, whenever the opportunity arises. That thought is important, because you want the best end result possible. He is definitely in high demand for 2011, according to his tweets, he just touched down in Miami days ago from doing a shoot, in New York! Here is something to look out for in the future, his T-shirt company called ‘Porn & Pretzels” he says “I’m sold on the name, I just like how it sounds”, I second that!

I respect his work. His style grabs the energy of the moment. He understands beauty and expresses his passions through his camera lens. Constantly pushing for greater angles is admirable, it makes you know he cares about his works’ longevity.  Adolphus will only get better as time goes, and I anticipate what he has in store for the future.

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